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About Us

We are the company we keep

DMS is a company predicated on “being itself.” As our CEO Chris Moore always says, “We don’t apologize for who we are.”

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You can’t knock success. And it doesn’t matter how you measure it-sales, expansion or the number of happy, hard-working employees working here. Since opening our doors in 1997, DMS has only improved.

We’re a company comprised of every kind of person you can imagine. We don’t have a “type” … unless you consider honest, hardworking, dedicated people a “type.”

Of course, we’re all here to be successful. At DMS, if you work hard and do what’s best for your company and your clients; you will be rewarded. Whether it’s a compliment from the top dog for a job well done or a promotion that lands you running your own department, DMS is never happier than when we’re recognizing our hardworking people for the great work they do.


chris-moore tom-rhodes
Chris Moore, Chairman Tom Rhodes, CEO
Scott Tozier, COO Stephanie Hoy, President
Randy Toney, Operations Manager Dale Mead, Warehouse Operations and Logistics Director
Kevin Ferguson, IT Director

our promise to our customers


Dear Partner,

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Your company will receive the most dedicated, skilled, affable and progressive direct mail services available in the U.S., for a predictable, reasonable and justifiable cost to your interests. We’ll work tirelessly to be the best direct mail decision you’ve made in a long time, if not ever.

Because of key decisions we’ve made on behalf of our clients’ best interests over time, we are able to provide savings to our customers that similar service providers are unable to offer.


Direct Mail Solutions

Direct Mail Solutions

4500 Sarellen Road Richmond, VA 23231 Directmailsolutions.com 804 254 8300