machines are only as good as the people running them

At Direct Mail Solutions we prefer to solve problems before they ever occur. We take pride in forecasting the unforeseen, and we always have a back up plan to our back up plan.

We’re lean, we’re right and on time. It’s who we are. It’s all we care about. And we don’t like waste–of any kind–whether it’s time, money or resources, we flat out don’t like it. Which means by virtue of how we run Direct Mail Solutions, your business will receive the leanest, meanest, well thought-out service in the industry.

 more space means more production

In 2012 we’ll increase the three hundred million pieces we mailed in 2011 to upwards of four hundred million. Our new production facility is huge, it’s well lit, and it’s already humming.

Only a handful of mail shops in the country have even one Paramount sorter and we have two. The entire one hundred eighty foot eastern wall of Direct Mail Solutions’ plant is lined with Paramount sorters. Expansion was a critical goal of our move, and our second Paramount sorter is making great use of the added real estate.

production is a rare breed

At Direct Mail Solutions, production is a mindset. A vibration everywhere in our building . Our machines and our staff — from our account reps to IT– constantly buzz production.

If you work in DMS PRODUCTION, your work isn’t done, until it’s done. And having a “can-do” attitude come’s with the territory… it’s just part of the deal. This kind of dedication requires a special kind of person. Someone tough enough to love work this challenging. Luckily we have a knack for attracting great people.

 Are you dedicated?

Focused? Proud of your work? Then DMS PRODUCTION could be looking for you.

The people running our one-hundred-and-twenty-six-thousand square foot facility are not only great leaders, they’re great mentors and role models too. If your self-starter, over-achieving high-schooler, or college student is interested in working alongside great people, and learning invaluable skills, we may have a place for them in DMS Production.

Are you a veteran with machine experience? Visit our HR page, we could have a place for you in DMS Production.


Pride. Dedication. Focus.

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