We outgrew 2001 Dabney Road

When you have the volume DMS has over the years, visit capacity becomes an issue. At 2001 Dabney Road the number of tractor trailers coming and going at any given time caused … problems. Richmonders all over would curse being stuck on the two lane Dabney Road while clustered semis tip-toed around each other. We were bursting at the seams. Something needed to be done.

we’re out!

Negotiating the purchase of 4500 Sarellen took over a year. The energy planning the move could have lit Richmond for a month. With one-hundred-and-thirty-thousand square feet of new building to fix up, web and then fill up, we had a lot to do. Just going through and picking out all the stuff from our seventy five thousand square foot facility on Dabney took months. The pile that builds up over fourteen years in one place is epic. Four months and fifty tractor trailers later, we were done. We did it.

nothing was left to chance

We ported the enormous data network required to process hundreds of millions of pieces of mail, thousands of tons of machines to run the jobs, and our entire staff of 147 employees without closing our doors for a single day. Every team leader had a mountain of to-do lists and only a short time to get them done.

Bigger. Better. Badder.

A few thousand man-hours later and our new offices are a terrific place to work. DMS is busy, positive and productive. Our new space has the added bonus of allowing us to run faster than we did before. So we hit the ground running … literally. We didn’t just move into nicer offices, we moved into more room to operate. More room to be DMS.

The new building sits on a seven acre lot. Has seven loading docks, and one- hundred-twenty-six-thousand square feet of production space. Being here is impressive. Standing out among our new production facility is like standing next to a great wonder of the world, or something generally so huge, it defies comprehension. Stop by and see for yourself why…

DMS is a company on the move

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DMS Move

DMS has moved to 4500 Sarellen Road

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